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Stuckism is an art movement founded by two individuals in 1999. Billy Childish and Charles Thompson wanted to encourage figurative painting as opposed to conceptual art. The movement started with 13 artists but has expanded over the years.

            One of their aims was to get back to the true spirit of modernism.

One of their manifestos was to define themselves as ”anti-anti-art”. This was against anti-art and for art.

Photo Of Billy Childish

The movement group has protested against the Turner prize at the Tate Britain since 2000.

Some of their known manifestos:-

– Artists who don’t paint aren’t artists.

– The Stuckist paints pictures because painting pictures is what happens.

– Art that has to be in a gallery to be art isn’t art.

– Against the jingoism of Brit art and ego-artist

– Stuckism is an anti ‘ism’.

Painting is a major artistic form of stuckism however other media such as sculpture, photography, film and collage have also joined stuckism.

For eight years the stuckists gained coverage from demonstrating outside the Tate Britain’s ‘Turner Prize’. Sometimes wearing clown suits or tall hats with Charles Saatchi’s face while carrying  placards claiming that Saatchi had copied their ideas.



Pure London was held at London Olympia and is a fashion trading event for women’s ware, accessories and footwear. It also provides trend analysis and news of the fashion industry.

While there I sat through a talk on fashion winter/fall trends of 2012/13.  We learnt about macro trends that are predicted for that time of season. The three trends that were introduced were Hyperculture, Radical Neutrality and Eco Hedonism.


. All about colour blocking

. Formal Tailoring

. Contrast and mix of garments

. Digital Print and pattern

. Playing with scale

. Jacquard and Woven fabrics

. Cultural print

. Bold patterning



. Very neutral colours, calm, pale

. Not a traditional colour palette

. Over sized coats

. inherent about fabric detail

. Wide legged trousers

. Oval shapes

. Androgyny- masculine shoe shaper, silver footer shoes

. Sweater dresses

. Dense heavy weaves

. Knitwear



. Heavy tweed and drape

. Light fabric with denser

. Ovoid shapes

. Faux fur trims

. Rusting bonded tweeds

. Organic feel

. Organic/ Autumnal colours

. Angular shoes


Pure showcased items from Charming, Gipsy, New Rock, Second Female, Aftershock, Zigi Soho and Irregular Choice.

Week 21- Pure!