Week 20- OP ART, 1960’s


Optical art was a phrase first used in Time magazine in 1964 but is more commonly known as ‘Op art’. The name was used as op art was composed of  illusion and trickery. It can often be seen as moving to the naked eye due to its mathematical based composition.

   Article From Times Magazine October 23rd 1964

In 1965 a major exhibition was held entitled ‘The Responsive Eye’ which was held at the MoMA (Museum of Modern Art- New York City). After the exhibition ‘op art’ started to become really popular showing up on fashion motifs in clothing, television, album art and decoration.

Although the ‘op art’ movement lasted for around 3 years many say that it was first pioneered by Victor Vasarely a Hungarian French artist.

   Titled ‘Zebra’. Victor Vasarly.1937

He created three versions of the piece.

  Created 1944

 Created 1950

Another notable artist in the movement was Bridget Riley. Bridget Riley is an artist who studied at The Royal College Of Art with the likes of Peter Blake (a blog post for another day!!!!!). Her ‘op art’ style was producing black and white geometric patterns that caused perplexed and unbalanced effect to the naked eye.


.Movement.                                       .Cataract


The Bridget Riley pieces have definitely inspired me for creating my own optical illusion style fabric print.


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