Week 19


Vexed Generation

Vexed Generation was created by Joe Hunter and Adam Thorpe in 1994.  They designed/created garments to over come issues such as air pollution, civil liberties and surveillance. In 1994 The Criminal Justice and Public Order act was passed which included a number of changes to the existing law of 1993. These changes received great public attention. It increased police powers to stop and search, stopped mass outdoor raves from ever happening and increased the use of CCTV on the city streets.

Vexed Ballistic nylon parka

This parka was created from blast proof  ballistic nylon. It had padding in certain areas to protect the wearer e.g kidneys and skull. This was used in the event of being attacked by the riot police. The hood was made to cover most of the face to hide identity from the likes of CCTV. This brilliant invention was a socially responsive design at the time. Its one of my favourites from the Vexed generation archives.

12” Storage bag Designed to carry records for the DJ music scene. It is a classic hands free carrying system. Made from a conjurer polyamide which is very abrasive. A polyester panel was placed on the back area to stop spoiling clothes.




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